Things that Make Me Classically Dysfunctional

Some would agree that I am a “classic case of dysfunction” in that I’m just as dysfunctional as the next person…  But, I have some uniquely dysfunctional qualities about me, morals that I struggle with, concepts that make total sense and yet are hard to grasp…

1. I live with my boyfriend.  ← That in and of itself isn’t necessarily dysfunctional UNLESS you know my family.  Maybe my parents and siblings aren’t as naive as I believe them to be.  But, they are very much of the traditional kind.  No sex before marriage.  No living with your significant other…

2. I dislike my job. ← Again, not necessarily dysfunctional.  My boss is an egotistical asshole.  That sums him up pretty nicely.  🙂

3. I cuss.  I drink.  I smoke.  I’ve done drugs (I do not do drugs — although given the right circumstances…).  No only do I cuss, drink, and smoke, I LIKE doing those things.  Oh. And I have sex.  Again, my parents/siblings/extended family would be utterly appalled to know that I’m such a blatant sinner.

4. I don’t know how to clean.  Ok, I know **how** to clean.  I figured out that baking soda and peroxide make a miracle cleaning paste that can turn a yellow crust-covered stovetop into a gleaming white surface again.  The part that I have a problem with is keeping up with it all.  I have a boyfriend and two dogs.  And a roommate.  Disclaimer: the roommate is not our pet.  One would think that I could manage to keep a kitchen (and dining room, living room, bathroom, and bedroom) in decent shape…

I haven’t quite decided what this blog is going to be about.  I’m sure my ramblings will attain some kind of shape over the next few weeks and months…  I stopped blogging on a regular basis some time ago.  Perhaps now is the time to jump back in to something I once loved.

Good day.

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