I think I need to clarify a couple of points from my previous blog…

1. I do dislike my job.  I am a Foster Care Social Worker and I moonlight as a college professor.  I don’t mind the kids so much as the adults… That is, the kids with whom I work, my adorable, sweet, innocent darling children make my life a little brighter.  My boss (egotistical asshole) is only one person who makes life miserable at work.  The birth parents can be rather — stupid — but I expect that.  The paperwork is definitely an enemy of mine… Ugh! I so strongly dislike paperwork that I really want to tip the scale a bit further and just say that I **hate** paperwork!

2. When I say that I like cussing, smoking, drinking, and sex, I don’t mean that I get some kind of life fulfillment from these activities.  Using profanity is like using any other word.  Why say crap when I can say shit?  What’s the difference in their meaning?  Smoking used to be a social thing for me… Now I’m up to like a half pack a day (oh, I should really cut back!).  I enjoy smoking because during those three minutes, I get a little me time, or a little social time.  I don’t (usually) drink to get drunk.  I will have a beer or two with my pizza or wings, a glass of wine with my dinner, a few mixed drinks if I’m out with friends.  I find nothing wrong with that.  Generally, everyone who is in a relationship enjoys, loves, and definitely gets fulfillment from sex.  The intimacy is my favorite…  *blushes*

I guess the blog is going in an if-you-really-want-to-know-how-I-feel-about-something-then-read-this kind of direction.

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