Morning Sweetness

I treasure many things in life.  I treasure the beauty of nature (the way dew clings to a flower’s petals as if falling to the ground would make it less spectacular; the brightness of a butterfly’s colors).  I treasure rainbows, sunshine during rain, and icicles hugging pine needles.  I treasure my large dog’s snuggly ways.  I treasure holding hands — there’s an intimacy in holding hands that goes beyond kisses and hugs.

Many times I go to bed before my boyfriend.  His body is on a different time schedule than mine.  One morning last week I woke up and discovered we were holding hands.  That made my day!  I woke up in a good mood and had an awesome day.  Cuddling can get hot and sticky and sweaty and uncomfortable during the night.  So, when I woke up to our entwined fingers, I felt — special.  We had figured out a way, in our sleep no less, to be close without all the awkwardness that cuddling/spooning can lead to.

Again, this morning I woke up to entwined fingers.  I love that.

I got up, took my shower, ran around the house trying to get everything I needed for the day put together… School bag, lunch (which I ended up eating for breakfast and now I’m without a lunch), hair/teeth brushed, clothes on (must wear clothes!)… Then I realized the dogs still needed walked.  I went in to the bedroom to inform my boyfriend that he would need to get up and walk the dogs.  He jumped awake when I bent down to kiss his forehead.

Him: Did you check your texts?
Me: No. Not yet.
Him: I sent you a text. I walked the dogs. (Rolls over and starts falling back to sleep.)
Me: Oh.  Ok.  Thanks!  I love you. (Digs phone out and reads “Dogs went out already. Love u. 🙂 )

As I was heading out of the bedroom door he (again) mumbled, “I love you.”  Another great start to my day…

Entwined fingers, dogs taken care of – morning sweetness.

And now that class is done and I’m sitting at my desk, I can feel my body wanting to rest, to nap, to be back in bed.  I will settle for another kind of treasure in the form of caffeine.

Good day.


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