As I was journeying home from dropping off my boyfriend to his parents’ house, I talked with my best friend for a while.  I told her that I was guessing my second night of sleeping alone would be harder than the first.  Last night, I was exhausted when I got home.  Got the dogs to pee before heading inside (then pretty much ran to the bathroom to relieve my very full bladder), made sure the dogs had food and water, and then I went into the bedroom.  I let the dogs in (the bedroom), too.  I choked up a little, but took a big breath and told myself to keep my big girl pants on.  I gathered my boyfriend’s computer and various cords and plugged it all in so that I could watch TV in the bedroom.  I watched an episode of Eureka… Then I read from my book (I think I read 3 chapters).  Then I turned out the light and laid there for a long time.  I pulled Harley (pitbull/lab mix) close to me and finally drifted off to sleep.

This morning I got up, ate breakfast, took the dogs out, fed/watered the dogs, and then got dressed.  I dropped by 7-11 on my way to a meeting to grab coffee.  After said meeting I went back home to let the dogs out again and to grab lunch.  I called my boyfriend to say good morning.

Him: What?
Me: Oh. Sorry. Didn’t mean to bother you.
Him: You called at a bad time.
Long pause.
Me: Ok. Bye.

Then the crying ensued.  I was so hurt.  I just wanted to say good morning, to hear his voice since I couldn’t actually see him.  He called me back about five minutes later, apologizing for being a selfish bastard and an asshole.  He ended up making me laugh and things are back to “normal,” whatever that means.

This is going to be a long two months…

Good day.



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  1. Dove's Mom

    (Put I name I figured you’d recognize but maybe not others, for your privacy, just in case). Awww…..hugs. I’m sorry it was a sad morning for you. I’d be bawling, too! Anytime you feel lonely or frustrated, don’t hesitate to call me. Unless I’m at an appointment with Secondborn, I’ll answer. Don’t be afraid to put your foot down when your feelings are hurt, either. When hubby gets grumpers every now and then (usually when he’s in the bedroom because it usually happens when he’s sleepy), I don’t say anything, but I give the bedroom door a good, hard slam on the way out (with tearing-up eyes), and he ‘gets’ that I’m offended….and usually apologizes immeadetly. It’s happened considerably less often over the years; I think it’s kicked in that I don’t want spoken to poorly; half awake or not, as he usually was. I put my foot down at snappy; you can, too. I don’t yip at hubby (except over that ONE issue….), and I demand that he doesn’t yip at me either (and he self-admits he can have crusty moods). You’ve every right to insist that he treat you as kindly as you treat him. I know relationships are give-and-take, and everyone has moods, but if you’re coming at him pleasantly and just trying to connect, by all means, you deserve a kind response, even if it’s, “Hey, baby, so sorry I’m busy; can we talk it a bit? Love you!” You deserve it; you’re awesome, loyal, and loving.

    • Perhaps I should have gone into more depth with this blog. Yes, I was hurt by my boyfriend’s off-handed rudeness when he answered the phone. You must understand that he was busy trying to not get lost. I was not upset that we couldn’t talk. I was hurt by the impoliteness of his unhappy greeting. That was the very thing I needed to hear to tip my emotions and tears. I was not angry with him. I completely understood the reason behind the boorishness. I understood because just after he curtly said, “What,” he was telling his dad which lane was needed and needed quickly. So, I knew the timing of the call was poor…

      All that said, my feelings were hurt. But only momentarily. I know he wasn’t purposefully being angry or bad mannered.

      All is well now. As well as things can be, anyway. (Does my sentence structure bother you?) After I cried for two minutes and fiddled around in the kitchen for a few more minutes, emotions and tears were in check (mostly). My boyfriend called back, apologized, and made me laugh about the situation that brought out his unseemly side. He’s so good at making me laugh.

      My boyfriend and I both agree that he can be/is an asshole. However, he’s not an imbecile or even a douche bag.

      Good times.

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