My contacts are bothering me.

The office is cold.

I have fuzzies all over me from the blanket wrapped around my body.

I created a chart in which I will diagram my weight loss.

I created a new blog specifically for my weight loss.

I don’t want to write this stupid re-evaluation.

The slut of the office is prancing around in an incredibly short, low-cut dress – is she giving out herpes for free? (That’s a terrible thing to say…)

I’d rather be home.

There’s a rabies clinic that I am planning on taking the dogs to on Saturday.  Yay from free doggy health care!

I drank 4 cups of coffee this morning.  I am peeing about once every 1 1/2 hours.  Lovely.

I need to set up a home visit…

I should have brought pencils to work so that I could use the electric pencil sharpener.  I’ll just make the students (who failed to bring their own #2 pencil) sharpen them in the old-school sharpener tomorrow.

I have a love/hate relationship with giving exams.  #1. I don’t have to lecture. #2. Class gets out early. #3. Scantrons are a pain in the butt to grade (if the scanner isn’t cooperating). #4. I have to double-check all the grades. #5. I have to record all the grades.

The sky is so blue today.

I’m going to go smoke. I’m bored. And unfocused.



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