Days like today.

Here are the cons from today (I figure I should get the negative out of my system and then focus on the positive so that at the end of this blog I feel more positive than negative):

  • I drove over 100 miles for work today.  About 3 of those miles were gravel roads… I was able to call my boyfriend and tell him that I could hear banjos playing.  I hit a dead, mostly intact, deer along the way.  Apparently my car smells good now (according to Harley).
  • I discovered that I do not like eating mozzarella cheese by itself (
  • A cop dropped by the house to inform me that our town in now fining for overgrown lawns.  Apparently (I need a thesaurus) our lawn is overgrown.  He was kind enough to give me five days to fix the problem before fining me.  **sigh**  I had ask my wonderful boyfriend to mow the lawn before he left… He told me “no”.  Oh well.  I managed to cut about 1/2 of it today.  I’m hoping to con (I need a thesaurus) someone in to weedeating our hillside.
  • I came home to a puddle of dog pee (thanks Chloe) on the dining room floor.  I guess it’s not so much a puddle as a spot.  The dining room is carpeted.  **sigh**
  • I have to babysit for my good friends tomorrow… The babysitting in and of itself isn’t bad (well, depending on the day I guess).  My friend’s aunt passed away unexpectedly and they’re going to her funeral.
  • I miss my boyfriend.  I really, really miss him.  I miss coming home to nearly cooked meals, I miss his hugs, kisses… I miss that silly grin and his laugh…  I can’t sleep.  Ok, I sleep, but not very well.  I miss his smell.


  • I got to talk with my boyfriend briefly this morning.  🙂
  • I drove 100+ miles for work… That’s roughly $47 I’ll get in my next expense check just for today’s mileage.
  • Harley makes me feel loved.
  • We have internet which means I can watch pretty much anything I want.  Right now I’m catching up on Dexter.  I’m on Season 3.  I only own the first season…
  • I fairly certain that at some point before I fall asleep that my darling boyfriend will be calling me.  I love hearing his voice.  🙂
  • Tomorrow is Saturday!  I can sleep in!
  • I have lost a total of 2.6 pounds since Wednesday.  😀

Days like today make you appreciate the small things in life.  A bright cardinal was happily plucking at (do birds pluck?) a plant in the backyard.  His colors were so very vibrant.  Made me smile.  🙂

Good day.


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