Warning: I am going to rant.

Oh. My. F*cking. Gosh.

My boss… KLNCWIOENCIOHGNERUIFH#(OI$U#()@$&*U#$FMO!!!!!!!!!! <– that’s how I feel.

There’s this girl in the office… She irritates the hell out of me.  Let me describe her to you:

  • Dark hair
  • Fake ass tan
  • Way too much freaking make-up (like so caked on you can’t tell what her true skin-tone is)
  • Designer clothes
  • Owns two newer vehicles
  • Engaged
  • Has a child
  • Wears inappropriate clothing to work: by inappropriate I mean that if I can tell you’re wearing a leopard print bra and a thong, your shirt is too f*cking low-cut and your pants are too tight.

Some would think that I’m jealous.  I’m not.  I’m irritated because she is the boss’s pet.  He just jumps into action when she wants him to.  She sits in his office ALL FREAKING DAY talking about nothing… Giggling that stupid dumb, fake laugh… I have never heard a genuine laugh from her.

Anyway.  I’m ranting about the two of them because they have conspired to make mine and my co-worker’s jobs more difficult.

Can’t WAIT to find a different job.

Rant finished (for now).

Good day.


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One response to “Warning: I am going to rant.

  1. She’s engaged and has a child but lives with her mother. Maybe if someone was to say…invest your make up money more wisely you’d be able to rent? I hate people like that 😛

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