Hearing and Nosebleeds.

My two big health issues pertain to hearing and nosebleeds.

When I was a young child (I really wanted to say warthog instead of child), I was constantly developing ear infections.  I remember late night ER visits and lots of antibiotics.  I had tubes placed in my ears twice when I was little and I had my adnoids removed.  I have never understood why my tonsils were never removed.  Anyway, a few years ago my infections started coming back.  When I was 25 I had to get tubes put in my ears again (much to the joking of my dad).  Since having the tubes placed in my ears, they have fallen out.  They usually stay put for about 2 years.  Unfortunately, my left (?) ear has a permanent perforation.  Both of my eardrums are severly scarred from the multitude of ear infections.  My doctor threatened a mastiodectomy, which is the removal of the mastoid bone in the ear, which could lead to complete or partial hearing loss.  I already have problems with hearing.  I would be devastated to lose more hearing or all of my hearing.

I hear better out of my right ear than my left.  And I can’t hear very low tones very well.  Some pitches really irritate my ears.

Nosebleeds are so frequent that my doctor is always asking if someone in the family has a bleeding disorder.  Nope.  I just have a weird nose.  Actually, I have a membrane in my right nostril that needs cauterized (burned).  I don’t want to be burned.  Some days, I think that the pain might be worth the end result of fewer nosebleeds.  I go through periods where I have nosebleeds daily, then I’ll go several weeks without one.  Nosebleeds are brought about by excessive sneezing, blowing my nose, and I’m not sure what else.  Sometimes I’ll just be sitting at my desk and I have to quickly reach for a tissue or face the ceiling so I don’t bleed all over myself.  I can (almost) always feel the nosebleeds coming on.  I really dislike nosebleeds when I’m driving.

I generally judge the “badness” of a nosebleed by the amount of tissues I have to use in order for it to cease.  For example, yesterday’s nosebleed took about 5 tissues.  That was a good-sized nosebleed.  Sometimes I don’t really need a tissue because it was that small.  I once told my boyfriend that I may die by the hands of a particularly nasty nosebleed someday.

Why am I sharing my hearing and nosebleed woes? I don’t know.  They’ve been on my mind today since I have a student who talks very low and I can barely hear what he says to me (and he always comes up after class for some extra clarification about something I talked about) and then I had that nosebleed yesterday.  **shrugs**  I guess that’s why I’m sharing this.

Good day.

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