Last Minute Referral.

Earlier today we received a referral and because of various things that I can’t exactly detail here, we just found out that we are in fact placing the sibling group tonight. I am not the on-call worker but I am helping with the placement – three children are a lot to handle by oneself.

I’m meeting my coworker at a park ‘n’ ride at 530pm (now). My first thought was, how am I going to walk my dogs? I thought that maybe I could make it home and to the meeting point before the arranged time. But then I got stuck in traffic and realized I would never make it home, walk the dogs, AND be back to the park ‘n’ ride by 530pm. So I called BGF. He agreed to take them out. THANKS!! And then my roommate text me and told me she had just gotten home. So, I asked her to take the dogs out (she agreed). THANKS! I have some pretty awesome people in my life…

So now I’m at the park ‘n’ ride waiting for my coworker to show up. Maybe I did have time to make it home and back…? Oh well. I’m just glad I’m here, on time.

Once we get to where the kids are the real fun will begin.

Oh, there’s my co-worker.

Good day!

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