I Am Pissed.

Oh my goodness.  I am SOOOOO MAD!!!

Here’s the story: this past Saturday I had my first PRIDE class.  One family showed up.  I don’t really care that only one family showed up or that the one family that did show up didn’t RSVP.  I’m just glad that I had a reason to be at work on a Saturday.

So, I get to work this morning and have an email that basically states that I need to cancel PRIDE because I only had one family show up and that I don’t need to be teaching PRIDE on a Saturday if I can get 2 sessions completed in 3 1/2 hours instead of 6.

Let me fucking tell you what:

  1. I did NOT discuss my class with my boss.  The office slut did.
  2. When only one family shows up, the material does not take long to review.
  3. I left at 2pm, not 1:30pm.  Therefore, class took 4 hours, not 3 1/2.
  4. I don’t talk about the bitch to my boss, so she sure as hell better stop talking about me.
  5. After reading the email and responding, I took a smoke break.  No wonder I can’t stop smoking.  I’m so frustrated with this job that I need an outlet (i.e. smoking).
  6. In my reply I stated, “I’d appreciate you asking me about how PRIDE went directly rather than sending me an email about information you received secondhand.”
  7. If I get fired, I don’t care.
  8. If the asshole wants to play favorites, I don’t care.  I have no desire to be the favorite.  I’m not going to suck his wrinkled old dick just to keep my fucking job.
  9. My boss should have some fucking respect for the rest of the people that work here.
  10. If the bitch wants to be – bitchy – I don’t care so long as she isn’t getting me or my coworkers into unneeded trouble.

I could rant and rave some more.  I think I should do something productive today if I want to validate my position here. 

Also, the slut should put some proper clothing on for once.  The temp is like 40-some degrees, not 90.

Good day.


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3 responses to “I Am Pissed.

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  2. Dove's Mom

    If his feathers are ruffled, and if you haven’t already, you might point out that there was some ‘false statements’ or ‘falsified data’ he received from his source. I might not name names or nor would I let slip that I know who the source actually is, but I’d use a cafrefully planned (as to ensure the clairity while still keeping it high-road appropriate) stern word about the nature of the what the source hadto say, so that he realizes that the root of the problem is that in brainstorming YOUR workshop with someone who didn’t have all the facts straight (and may have a streak to disrupt the applecart–I don’t know) he made decisions without your most valid imput, and made an improperly calculated move. Also, it might slip a reminder into his head that long, bare leggy legs and bursting cleavages aren’t almighty on everything.

    • I haven’t spoken a single word to my boss today. I have only emailed him.

      He knows who I am talking about. There is only one person in this office who gossips to the boss about fellow employees. I think my boss should have reserved his judgment of me until AFTER speaking to me directly about class. As far as I’m concerned, PRIDE will continue. I now have two confirmed couples. No reason to disrupt the original plan, in my opinion.

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