Baby Jealousy.

Yesterday morning my boyfriend says to me, “Poor J.”
Me: “Why? She break up with her new boy toy?”
Him: “She’s pregnant.”
Me: “Ok. Why ‘poor J?'”
Him: “Well, I know she likes being a mommy, but I think this might be C’s baby.”
Me: “Ooohh. Are they back together now?”
Him: “I don’t know.  She posted a picture on Facebook of her belly and the book, ‘What to Expect When Expecting’. She has a small bump.  That puts her at what? 2-3 months?”
Me: (Immediate tears spring to my eyes and I scrunch up my face to try to not do what I was not intendeding to do) “How am I supposed to know?”
Him: “Why did you just give me the I’m-pissed-and-I’m-gonna-cry look?”
Me: (Voice raising slightly, back turned) “I’m not pissed.” (Turn around, walk to him, put my arms around him) “I’m jealous.”
Him: (Chuckles) “Jealous?  Oh honey, your day will come.”
Me: “Doesn’t’ feel like it.”
Him: “Why not?”
Me: “I’m almost 30. And we can’t have a baby while living here. And I don’t see us moving anytime soon.”
Him: “Well, I’ll be getting more work soon.  Then we can move, maybe even look into buying a house.”
Me: *sigh* “Ok. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cry. It just happened.”

Big hug.


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