Almost Crying.

You know when you’re just having a really tough time and you feel the need to cry but don’t want to but can’t really help it so your eyes well up with the tears and your chest heaves as you try to smother a sob and you blink several times in a row and try to get your breathing right so that you don’t have an all-out bawling spell?  Yeah.  That’s me.  Right now.  That’s been me all morning long.  I’ve managed to keep my crying at bay with only a few tears streaming down my cheeks.  I’m sure on my way home from work I’ll let it all out.  Cause, you know, I have to cry by myself… No one else is around.  And here it comes again…

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  1. six1908

    My heart hurts for you… even though I’m not physically present… you are not alone. I known the hell of internal pain and tears all too well.

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