I’m generally an easy-going gal.  I tend to take things in stride as life throws stuff at me.  Sometimes I do take offense to what others say to me… And I’m not offended about what someone says so much as how the words are said.

Example: I decided to go ahead and reopen my OkCupid account.  Some guy, we’ll call him M-OKC, was messaging me and I read his profile and he seemed to be an okay guy.  We went out for pizza and I realized that a.) he’s cheap, b.) he’s odd, c.) he’s just – weird.  I don’t mind weird.  Hell, I’m weird.  But his weirdness is of the sketchy-type… You know, the kind of person you know you probably should avoid being alone with in a dark alley?  Anyway, we go our separate ways and to keep him at bay I told him that I realized I’m not ready for a relationship at this point because I’m still too in love with my (ex) bf.  That’s totally true, but was just an excuse to get this guy to leave me the hell alone.  He doesn’t get the hint.  He sent me a text yesterday, “What’s a gorgeous woman like you doing tonight?”  I had had enough.  He had sent me texts with “baby” and “honey” and “sweetheart”.  Being that I think he’s the creepy-sketchy type of guy, I took offense to the “endearments” if you can call them that…  I told him to stop because I didn’t like the terms.  “Why does it bother you?”  OH MY GOSH!  I just wanted to scream at him!

Why does it bother me that you’re calling me baby?! Because you’re a gross man.  You make me feel sick.  You think that you’re some gift to women.  Well, when you stare at me with your beady, narrow eyes I want to vomit. And when you you smile and show your yellow teeth I want to run away.  I got all of that from a couple of hours at CiCi’s.  The whole time I was thinking, please don’t touch me.  Yes, I’m offended that you think I should just let you use special terms of endearment after a few hours of talking to each other.  I’m not yours.  And I never will be.  **shudders**

I told him that I thought that calling me “baby” when I’m not his is sexist and demeaning.  Who the hell are you to call me baby?  I’m not your baby.

This is what I get for getting back to online dating so quickly.

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