I have read my previous post at least 300 times.  I am reading it so I can be really, really familiar with the words when the time comes to read it on Christmas Eve… That way when I start tearing up I’ll still know the words…

I seem to blog during extreme times of my life.  Not so much when everything is nice and smoothe.  When something exciting is going on or when I’m in turmoil, I feel the need to express myself.  I don’t think I’m the best writer in the world, but I’m certainly not one to sit and paint in order to let my feelings out.  I’m usually better at expressing myself with written words.  If I need to have a difficult talk with someone, I’ll write down what I want to say just in case I can’t find the words when the time comes to converse…

Anyway…  I should probably take a shower or something.  Maybe eat some breakfast…


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2 responses to “Writing.

  1. six1908

    how do you put tags to your posts and other people’s blogs in your blog? teach me! haha. I hope this time passes quickly for you…

    • WP is very odd to me… Sometimes the place you add tags is just below where the text box is and sometimes it’s to the right… Then to put a link in you need to make sure you hit “The Kitchen Sink” button up on the editing bar. Then you can add your link…

      Does that make sense?? Lol

      Thank you for your kind words, Dan.

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