Today’s Daily Prompt challenges us to describe the most important person in our lives.  I’ll call my bestie “Anne” in this post.

I once wrote a story about how my very best friend and I met as a college assignment.  During the summer of 1998, Anne had moved to the base where we went to school.  This was the summer between 8th and 9th grade.  We were 14.  I was late to youth group that night and our youth leader was about to start some crazy three-legged race/tag game.  We got paired up.  She was wearing JNCOs and a tight black shirt.  I was wearing some unfashionable getup with turquoise socks.  Ha!  Sometimes two people just click.  We became instant friends and have been close throughout the years.  Here are some facts about Anne (and some about us):

  1. She was born 1 month and 10 days before me.
  2. She is an Army brat.
  3. She has really pretty hair.
  4. She has an amazing smile.
  5. She is married.
  6. She has two boys and another boy on the way.
  7. She lives in a state that I love.
  8. She loves Jesus.
  9. She’s a lightweight. 😉
  10. She has a sister.
  11. She has two sister-in-laws.
  12. She has two nieces and two nephews.
  13. Her favorite color is blue.
  14. She texts me in the middle of the night all the time and I don’t care.
  15. We can talk for hours on the phone.
  16. She lives about 13 1/2 hours from me.
  17. Since high school we haven’t lived in the same vicinity.
  18. When she texts, I usually get 6 or more messages at once.  🙂
  19. She is an amazing writer.
  20. She loves her crocs.
Here are reasons why I cherish Anne:
  1. When I have a problem, she listens to me and gives me wonderful advice.  Ex: When my ex and I were having problems, she gave me her perspective on the problem and her opinion as to what I should do.  But she also assured me she would support whatever I decided to do.
  2. She lets me bitch.  Ex: This goes along with the one above.  When I’m pissed, she let’s me rant and rave.
  3. She takes my side.  Always.  Ex: She supports my decisions.  When I was first dating my ex, she just loved him.  When things went south, she was mad just as much as I was.  When I call with a problem, she takes my side.  When I’m excited, she’s excited.
  4. She is very thoughtful.  Ex: A few months ago I received a random present in the mail.  In it was a bit of soil from the place we first met.  That just meant the world to me.
  5. She makes time for me.  Ex: Generally she calls me when she’s driving to/from various places.  She does a lot of running around with one of her kiddos and while I know she must be exhausted, she calls and chats.  And when she’s at home and doesn’t feel like doing housework, she’ll call. 🙂  And she takes my calls at anytime.

Anne is an amazing woman.  She’s a great mom and wife.  She’s my absolute bestest friend in the whole world wide.  I love her.


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8 responses to “Bestie.

  1. May Allah bless your friend and you 🙂 ameen

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  3. An amazing friend is the best gift life could give you ! Beautiful.

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