Career Decisions.

I am currently a Foster Care Treatment Coordinator for a nonprofit community-based agency.  I love the agency I work for because they really invest in and take pride in their work, employees, and clients.  The agency as a whole has a solid foundation in recognizing the goodness in others and encourages young people and families to achieve their best.

That said, I have a Master of Social Work degree and make $30,000.  Because of my love for my job, money isn’t my motivator.  I do realize that working for a nonprofit means lower pay.  I find that making $30,000 with my MSW is a bit unfair when my bestie’s husband makes twice as much as I do and he has his GED.  I’m really proud of him!

Since I started my career in social work, and specifically in the child welfare field (3 years ago), I have wanted to progress higher on the social worker food chain, so to speak.  I want to progress.  I want to succeed.  I want to go further in my career.  Who doesn’t?  (Granted, some people are perfectly happy with their minimum wage job and I am fine with their happiness.)

I am happy with my job.  I’m not thrilled about my pay.  I want to further my career.  I’d like better benefits, too.  All that said, I have a job interview on Monday for a state job.  This would be a $10,000 or more pay raise.  I would get amazing benefits, paid vacation.  There is one major obstacle in my way of getting the position: the job is in a different state.  I’m licensed in the state in which I am currently living.  The job is in a neighboring state.  I would have to get my license switched to the other state.  Which, I don’t mind doing and is doable.  I just know that these things take time.

The city that the job is in is only about 40 minutes from where I’m currently living.  I would prefer to move closer however it would not be necessary to do so immediately, which is nice.  That would give me time to save enough for a security deposit and first month’s rent (I *hate* that about renting – hey, rent is $850 and you also need to give me $850 as a security deposit because everyone has $1700 laying around. Whatever.)

And then I received an email from a city that is about 2 hrs from me in the same state that I’m interviewing for… They’re looking people for three different positions.  I’m honored that they emailed me.  So now I need to decide if I’d also like to interview for those positions.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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