Physical Pain.

I’m a trooper, in general.  I don’t take medication for a headache until I’ve had said headache all day long and I know I’ll need Ibprogen or Tylenol in order to sleep.  Even then I take the minimum recommended dosage.  That said, I do have a prescription for Flexiril for my back.  My doctor prescribed the pills a couple of months ago.  Since then I’ve taken 5 of them.  I could take up to 3 in one day (according the the directions on the bottle), but I’d rather only taken them when I truly need them.  I took one last night.  Between my period and driving over the past week my back was killing me!  I slept well.  I actually got to sleep on my belly which I haven’t been able to do in several months.  That was nice.

Right now my wrist is hurting.  My left one.  The one with the ganglion cyst.  The cyst of course had practically disappeared right before my appointment.  The doctor told me that surgery could never be done because the cyst is right next to an arterial vein.  Figures.  I think I have more wrong with my wrists than just the ganglion on my left wrist.  At this moment the goes across the top of my left hand and pain is felt in my wrist with every movement.  I probably have carpal tunnel.  I cashiered for six years and now I type away on computers for my job and blogging.  My right wrist hurts from time to time, but most of my problems stem from my left wrist.

Of course I did break my left arm/wrist twice as a kid.  I was – adventurous.  Haha.

I think I will be taking some aleve soon.

I probably have arthritis, too. Maybe.  Probably.

I tend to diagnose myself with various ailments via WebMD.


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