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My Boyfriend Got Stabbed.

Seriously.  I hadn’t talked to my boyfriend since Thursday because he was working super late.  He called me about 10 minutes ago and his greeting was, “Hey guess what? I’m on the way to the hospital.  I got stabbed.” WHAT?!?!

He talked to me for like 30 minutes and then talked with the lady who was driving him for about 5 before he said he should go.  I was so PISSED at him because he was ignoring me.  And I am SOOO FUCKING PISSED at the crazy, drunk woman who stabbed my boyfriend!!  I’m in BFE and he’s a 16 hour drive from me, heading to the hospital to get stitched up.  Now, the injury isn’t “serious”.  He was stabbed in the hand.  I’m guessing he was blocking the knife…

Ok.  I’m done ranting – for now.  I’ll update later.

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