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Butt Flaps.


So, I was somehow roped into doing a 5K with my coworkers.  I am NOT a runner.  At all.  Ever.  The 5K is on April 19th.  Naturally I put off training until yesterday (yay procrastination!).  I decided I may as well start with the Couch to 5K app that I put on my phone ages ago.  I made it halfway through the first workout.  Well, I mean, I did 30 minutes of walking/running, but only the first 15 minutes (ok, 13 minutes) involved me following what my phone was telling me to do.

And the really sad/funny/pathetic realization of the whole experience is this: I have butt flaps.

Yes.  Butt flaps.

I’m not an elephant, but I’m no pixie either (brownie points for recognizing where the pixie comment came from).  That said, when I did my first attempt at running/jogging I thought I had something stuck to the back of my pants or maybe caught on my shoe.  I ran a hand down my back side, didn’t feel anything.  Looked at my shoes, all was well.  Then I realized: oh, that’s the flab between my ass and legs hitting my butt.  Nice.  Butt flaps.


I will keep this up.  I will finish that 5K on April 19th even if I have to crawl over the finish line!

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