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Monthly Suckage.

Periods suck. Ugh!  Here are all the reasons they suck:

  1. I bleed for 5-7 days.
  2. I get all kinds of moody and bitchy and weepy and angry and all that about 7-10 days PRIOR to my period (this is known as PMS – PREmenstrual Syndrome. PMS is **NOT** the same as a monthly period).
  3. My boobs hurt.
  4. My lower abdomen cramps.
  5. I poop more often.
  6. I cry about stupid shit (like a spider in my bathroom).
  7. Did I mention cramps yet?  Ugh!!  They hurt so bad!
  8. I get irritated really easily.
  9. My back hurts.  My back already hurts b/c of all the driving I do.  Now my back really, really hurts.  Thanks doctor for the Flexeril!
  10. I get headaches.
  11. When I get a nosebleed I think about how I’m bleeding from two different orifices.
  12. I use a menstrual cup.  I bought it like 3 1/2 years ago.  Considering I used to buy a pack of pads and tampons every month and now I only buy panty liners about once every 3 months, I’d say I’m saving all kinds of crazy money.  🙂
  13. Cramps.
  14. My boobs swell.  I don’t need that.  They’re big enough, thank you very much.
  15. I crave chocolate like Popeye craves spinach.
  16. I am bloated which equates to I gain a couple of pounds.  Sure, it’ll come off after this bitch is done, but still.

Ugh.  Be happy that you’re a man if you’re a man.  And I hate you for being a man if you’re a man.  Just saying.


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Cramps and Other Girly Stuff.


  • I hate them.
  • Cramps suck butt.
  • Can’t I call off work for excessive bleeding?
  • Is anyone actually “regular”?
  • I want a sandwich.  More like, I want a gooey grilled cheese sandwich.  And dark chocolate.


  • I don’t really wear make-up.  Except chap stick, and that doesn’t really count.
  • I don’t have any interest in waking up earlier than necessary to put on make-up.
  • Is that weird?
  • I will put a little eye shadow, maybe some blush, and lipstick on if I have a special event such as a wedding.  But usually not.


  • I’m clueless when it comes to what is “in”.
  • I like t-shirts and jeans.  Not necessarily printed tees, or like the over-sized tees, but (imo) cute tops.  And you can never go wrong with jeans.
  • Flip flops are a passion of mine.
  • I love heels.  My dog chewed up most of my heels.  I need new heels.
  • I like dresses, but my boobs don’t look write in most dresses.

As far as girly stuff goes, I’m pretty clueless.  But that’s ok.  My boyfriend’s plaid PJs go well with my heart-clad PJs.  😉

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