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Looking Back.

I don’t dwell (too) much on the past.  I yesterday I wasn’t so much dwelling as recounting how far I have come 0ver the past 9 years.

In May 2003 I moved to West Virginia.  Since that time I have had the same eye doctor.  Yesterday I had an eye exam.  My eye doctor is also my family members’ eye doctor.  She asked me how everyone was doing.

“Didn’t your sister have a baby?”
“Yeah, he’s a year old now.”
“How are your brothers?”
“Well, the one just joined the army and my youngest brother is still in college.”
“Weren’t you still in grad school the last time you were here?”
“I think I was out for a year at that point.  Maybe.”
“What was your degree in again?”
“Social Work.”
“Do you like being a social worker?”
“Well, it beats Wal-Mart.  Haha!  But yeah, over all I like it.”
“What kind of social work do you do?”
“I’m a foster care social worker.  I work for a nonprofit agency.”
“You probably see a lot of sad cases.”
“Yep.  I do.  Makes the kids cuter though.”

When I first moved to WV, I found a job cashiering for Wal-Mart (I think everyone should work for Wal-Mart for at leaslt 6 months of their lives).  During my employment there I attended college, got an Associate’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree.  From there I went on to grad school and got my Master of Social Work degree.

In 9 years I’ve gone from a Wal-Mart nobody (trust me, you feel like a nobody when you’re just a regular “associate”) to a Foster Care Social Worker.  I should be proud of myself.  🙂

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