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I’m Having a Monday.

I need (another) cup of coffee.  I have a feeling that if I walk back to the kitchen that the pot will be empty.  Today is Monday.  And today is proving to be a full-fledged Monday. 

Side thought: Do you ever wonder why a Monday is a Monday?  I mean, of course it’s a Monday.  It IS Monday.  I know when people say, “Today is such a Monday” they mean something like, “What a messed up day today is turning out to be.”  Sometimes on Thursday I say, “Feels like a Monday”.  And that isn’t because I feel like I just had a weekend, but more because I’m having a crappy day.

Therefore, today is a full-fledged Monday.  I’m glad I remembered to shower and get dressed.  I almost forgot breakfast.  Brought popcorn (?) for lunch…  I got to the office and the placed WREAKED.  The office has a sewer problem.  😐  I sit down at my desk and start working (imagine that – working before playing on the internet).  I forgot to address an envelope before sticking it in the outgoing mailbox.  Thankfully I was able to correct the mistake before the mail carrier (can’t I just say mail man? Why do I have to be so PC?  Our “mail carrier” is a man…) arrived.  I misspelled my name when filling out a document.  Thankfully said document is not that important.  No one acutally looks at it.  I just have to put it in every family’s file in order for the file to be declared “complete”.  And, I managed to hole punch and staple a document on the incorrect sides.

My boyfriend says I need to go back to bed.  I agree.

I feel like I’m being productive here at work today.  That’s a plus.  I’m almost done with my latest home study.  I’m so excited!  Haha.  Home studies usually take forever to complete.  I started this home study last week.  I love having people who actually fill out their part of the paperwork in a timely manner.  See Egotistical Boss? When families do their part, I can do mine.  Not my fault when things are late if the family hasn’t completed their paperwork.  I’m loving this family.  🙂

I don’t think I ever actually write about what I initially intended to write about.  Oh well.

Good day.

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