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Living Arrangements.

What to do?!

I’ve talked at length with my landlady.  She herself is at a loss as to what to do.  She moved in to this townhouse thinking she’d be making commission with her job about last month.  Well now she probably won’t be making commission for another 3 months.  So, she can’t afford rent here and I can’t afford to pay (much) more than I already do.  That said, she has asked the landlord (see rent’s the place and I rent the basment-ish area) to sublease the unit.  So, now the place is up for rent again and neither of us know the next move.

  • If I get the job I interviewed for yesterday, I will be able to afford my own place.  🙂
  • If I don’t get the job, I need to find a different place (probably someone else’s basement) pronto.
  • If my roomy/housemate/landlady moves in with her bf, I need to find a different place to live pronto.
  • If she breaks up with her bf she might move back to her hometown and I will need to find a place pronto.
  • If she breaks up with or stays with her bf and they don’t move in together, we could find another place together with less rent/space.

Right now I like the last option best.

Did I mention (I know I didn’t) that my ex wants me to move back in with me?  So there’s that.  Apparently his sister is going to get them evicted and he can’t stand living with her and blah, blah, blah.  So he suggested we move in together if I get the job.  I said that he would have to understand that we would have to have a 2BR place with each of us splitting everything 50/50.  And I asked if he thought awkwardness would ensue if either of us started dating/sleeping with someone new.  His reply, “do you have a fuck buddy?”  Well, no, I said.  That’s not the point though.  I need him to understand that he’s not going to just waltz back into my bed and become my partner again just because we might live together.  He needs to prove that he can treat me the way I deserve to be treated.

So yeah.  How bout them apples?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the man.  I just feel this overwhelming need to protect my heart…

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Career Decisions.

I am currently a Foster Care Treatment Coordinator for a nonprofit community-based agency.  I love the agency I work for because they really invest in and take pride in their work, employees, and clients.  The agency as a whole has a solid foundation in recognizing the goodness in others and encourages young people and families to achieve their best.

That said, I have a Master of Social Work degree and make $30,000.  Because of my love for my job, money isn’t my motivator.  I do realize that working for a nonprofit means lower pay.  I find that making $30,000 with my MSW is a bit unfair when my bestie’s husband makes twice as much as I do and he has his GED.  I’m really proud of him!

Since I started my career in social work, and specifically in the child welfare field (3 years ago), I have wanted to progress higher on the social worker food chain, so to speak.  I want to progress.  I want to succeed.  I want to go further in my career.  Who doesn’t?  (Granted, some people are perfectly happy with their minimum wage job and I am fine with their happiness.)

I am happy with my job.  I’m not thrilled about my pay.  I want to further my career.  I’d like better benefits, too.  All that said, I have a job interview on Monday for a state job.  This would be a $10,000 or more pay raise.  I would get amazing benefits, paid vacation.  There is one major obstacle in my way of getting the position: the job is in a different state.  I’m licensed in the state in which I am currently living.  The job is in a neighboring state.  I would have to get my license switched to the other state.  Which, I don’t mind doing and is doable.  I just know that these things take time.

The city that the job is in is only about 40 minutes from where I’m currently living.  I would prefer to move closer however it would not be necessary to do so immediately, which is nice.  That would give me time to save enough for a security deposit and first month’s rent (I *hate* that about renting – hey, rent is $850 and you also need to give me $850 as a security deposit because everyone has $1700 laying around. Whatever.)

And then I received an email from a city that is about 2 hrs from me in the same state that I’m interviewing for… They’re looking people for three different positions.  I’m honored that they emailed me.  So now I need to decide if I’d also like to interview for those positions.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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