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Christmas Poem.

This is a poem
For our father dearest
Which I’ll read aloud
So everything is clearest 

I do apologize
For this is Christmas Eve
These words need spoken
Before we take our leave

In two-thousand eleven
On October twenty-eighth
I met a man named Ron
He was such an ace 

We called and text
Emailed and Facebooked
Chatted all the time
We were completely hooked

 Not long after New Years
We committed long-term
Boyfriend and girlfriend
Our affection was firm

You’re the best
I would often state
And he truly was
That is until of late

We were happy for 2 years
Blissful in everything
Love, respect, joy, and laughter
This was no fling 

Ron was thrown some curve balls
Into a depression he sank
His rosy demeanor vanished
And now I shall be frank 

I knew of his troubles
Financial, family, and feuds
He was becoming hateful
He was quite rude

I knew there was more
So I went through his email
What I found let me know
That I had surely failed

Her name was Amy
I read every word
I saw her naked body
I found it all absurd

I was filled with rage
I’d never been so hurt
I wrote him a note
I told him he was dirt

I cried and cried
And then I cried some more
How could he do this?
She must be a whore

I messaged her on facebook
To give her a piece of my mind
Ron blamed me of course
Told me I wasn’t kind

He slept on the couch
I cried in bed
I’m leaving him
At least, that’s what I said

For the next three months
We battled and fought
We’d never bickered before
Now that’s all we thought

Ron would call me names
I told him he was a dick
He told me to get over it
I told him, not so quick

I knew that he had troubles
In areas other than home
I tried to give him time and space
I felt so alone

Once I moved away
Things simmered down a bit
But I could still sense
That he was still being a dick

After he was settled
I told him I was through
I could not do this
When he wasn’t being true

He said he was sorry
He knows that he’s an ass
He said that he still loves me
My heart shattered like glass

I made one thing very clear
He would have to fight
If he ever wanted me again
He’d have to prove his right

So now father
I turn to you
You’re supposed to be a model
What am I to do?

I cannot ask
Because as I understand it
You’re also an ass

Our mother is so sad
Your father is cheating
Mom confided in me
You, father, deserve a beating

Do you not know
Of your wife’s love
Has she not shown you
She goes beyond and above

And here you sit before us
Your fancy phone in tow
Chatting up your harlot
I think everyone should know

Maybe you haven’t screwed
But you’ve certainly crossed a line
A marriage is between husband and wife
And no one else combined

I know you know you’re wrong
Yet you still continue
And that is why I say
How freaking dare you

As I said before
You’re supposed to be a model
Your children need a leader
Someone we can follow

Your wife needs a husband
A man she can trust
A friend for the ages
This is a must

I believe in marriage
The vows that are made
Do not take them lightly
Never let them fade

I think I’ve said enough
I’ll draw to a close
I hope you contemplate
Everything I have composed

Regardless of your sins
Our father you remain
Your wife still loves you
And that will never change


I’m seriously considering printing this on fancy paper and reading it to the family on Christmas Eve – it’ll be my dad’s present.

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