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Dear Readers.

I have reached FIFTY subscribers!!  What?!  That’s INCREDIBLE!!

Who knew that so many people would be interested in my personal battles, drama, life stories, struggles (battles and struggles aren’t necessarily synonymous – just saying), joys, musings, and sometimes, mundane thoughts.

I appreciate each and every one of you!  Thank you so, so very much!

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Goodnight, Friend.

This week’s DP Challenge: Gonzo Writing Challenge


We got into his car at 2:43am after a night filled with raucous laughter and good friends.  I slid into the cold passenger seat, quickly shut the small SUV’s door, and clicked the frigid seatbelt into place.  I rubbed my hands together trying to bring warmth to the stiff bones.  He opened the driver’s side door as he fumbled for the ignition key.  As he sat he started the vehicle and immediately turned the heater on full blast.

He rubbed his hands together.  “You’re good people.  They’re good people.”  He was talking about the good friends who were still inside the old, rickety house.  These good friends that I had only met 10 hours previously.

I grinned, the right side of my mouth turning up.  “You’re good people. too.”  I closed my tired eyes, nodded, and continued to rub my slightly warmer hands furiously.

“I was pretty positive you would get along.” He cocked his head to the right, closed his brown eyes, pursed his lips, and returned my nod.

I sat quietly as he shifted into reverse and slowly descended onto the dark street.  He shifted into braked, shifted into first, and shook a cigarette from his Camel Crush pack.  After placing the pack in a cup holder in the middle console he reached into his front shirt pocket and produced a green 7-Eleven lighter.  I followed suit by placing a hand inside my hoodie pocket, grasping my pack of Camel Menthol Silvers and yellow Bic lighter.  We lit our smokes at the same time.  He released the brake and cruised down the small hill.

(20 minutes later)

He perched the vehicle on the sidewalk outside of my three story townhouse which is located in an overly developed development.  We each pushed the red button to release our seatbelts and opened our doors nearly simultaneously.  I swung both legs to the side and hopped out of the vehicle.  I grabbed my small, black, silver studded purse and quietly shut the passenger’s side door.  The freezing cold air made walking difficult.  I walked in front of the still-running SUV.  As I rounded the driver’s side he stepped onto the gray sidewalk.

“I would ask you to come in if it weren’t so late,” I said.  I thought, “Please come in. Please?”

“Yeah, I really need to get home and sleep. I’m going to dehydrate kale and sweet potatoes tomorrow,” he replied with excitement.

“Thank you so very much for inviting me tonight,” I said with a wide smile.

“Of course. I’m glad you had a good time,” he replied with his soft voice.

“I had an amaaazing time.”  I continued to smile.

He stepped forward and extended his big arms.  I took a step as I opened my own arms and accepted the hug.  I relished his warm embrace.  I lifted my face towards his and thought, “Maybe a kiss?”  His arms relaxed, his hands rested on my shoulders.

“I’m sure I’ll talk with you soon, my lady.”  His big hands rubbed my arms.  And then his hands slid to my hands.  And then our hands parted and he turned on his heels and walked to his vehicle.

“Goodnight, friend,” I said as I turned towards the red front door with my hands in my hoodie pocket feeling for my key.


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