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I aready posted a note on FB about New Years Resolutions.  In general I find them to be silly and pointless because people generally disregard them within a month of setting them.  For example: “this year I resolve to exercise more”.  This is not my resolution.  This is a common resolution for many people.  People get a gym membership or dust of the treadmill and make exercising a priority for some time… Then as time moves on, the treadmill remains stationary or the gym membership is forgotten.

All that being said.  I have made a couple of resolutions this year:

1. Live for myself.  This is selfish and self-serving, and I’m okay with that.  Throughout my life I have always put others above myself.  I have bent over backwards to make sure that my friends and family are happy.  I would stop what I was doing or put my plans on hold when a friend would call with a babysitting request, or when a friend wanted to go see a movie, or when my family wanted me to come to dinner, or whatever.  There is nothing wrong with going and hanging out.  I usually have fun.  But I’ve always felt like I sacrifice my needs and wants in order to make those around me happy.  I am a happy person.  I generally love life.  For once I need to stand up and say no to other people’s needs.  “No, I can’t come out tonight because I really just want a bubble bath.”  “No, I can’t come to dinner because I feel really stressed out and anxious every time I come over.”  “No, I won’t drive across four states to come see you because I just don’t want to.” (That last one refers to my ex…just in case you were wondering.)  I want to be able to tell people how I feel without worrying about how they’ll feel.  That sounds terrible.  What I mean is, I usually choose my words and actions carefully based on how people will view my words and actions.  But then I end up being dishonest.  My parents don’t know much about me.  I choose to keep them out because I know letting them in will result in mad consequences.  So yeah.

2. Lose weight.  Yup.  I’m making this a resolution because I know that I can succeed.  :-p  Maybe that’s a bit presumptuos, but I have a plan (well, I’m continuing my weight loss journey).  I’m starting my second round of HCG soon.  🙂

Those are the only two I listed in my FB note.  I’m not sure if I have any others.

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